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"Bedford builds a taut story around the dangers of a new world.... Readers who crave high adventure and tense plots will enjoy this voyage into the future." - Publishers' Weekly

Empire of Dust by Jacey Bedford











Upcoming from DAW in late 2014 onwards:
Empire of Dust
(4th Nov 2014)



Jacey Bedford writes fantasy and science fiction, she's been published on both sides of the Atlantic and has three books coming out from DAW in the USA from 4th November 2014 onwards.Empire of Dust - A Psi-tech Novel and Crossways (two linked space operas) plus Winterwood (a historical fantasy set in 1800 with a cross-dressing female privateer captain, a jealous ghost and a wolf shapechanger).

Her writing blog, Tales from the Typeface is on Wordpress. You can follow her writing history from the offer of her debut three book deal with DAW as it happens, plus pick up writing advice and the writing-relevant minutiae of a writer's life.

Her personal; blog is on Live Journal. What does she blog about? Writing, books, movies, local history, family history, reminiscences, music, things that interest her on a local or global scale. What doesn't she blog about? She doesn't use her blog as therapy. Feel free to friend her at LJ.

She's on Twitter @jaceybedford also has a Facebook presence and she blogs what she reads on Goodreads (see side panel).

Jacey is co-organiser of the Milford SF Writers' Conference, an annual workshopping week for published SF writers and she's also the coordinator for the Northwrite SF writers' group.

A firm advocate of critique groups Jacey was a member of the (now defunct) Recog email crit group for eight years and thanks all her co-critiquers for their excellent input.. Now, in addition to attending Milford annually, she takes part in Northwrite SF, a quarterly face-to-face critique group for speculative fiction writers within striking distance of the north of England. Jacey maintains the Northwrite website and you'll find her links for writers there. (See below)

Advice for writers: apply the seat of your pants to a chair, your fingers to the keyboard and write. When you've finished, polish it. When it's as good as you can possibly make it, format it correctly and submit it. Then apply the seat of your pants to your chair again... etc. Rinse and repeat. There is no other way. If you don't write it and send it out there, you'll never get published.

Jacey's Entry at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database

Jacey's Writing Blog - Tales from the Typeface

Jacey's Live Journal (including Book Log and Movie of the Week)

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Milford Writers' Conference

Northwrite SF Writers



Bristolcon Appearance on 25th October

This will be my first time at Bristolcon, but I've heard great things about this small, friendly West Country SF convention. I'll be doing a small group session on How to Get an Agent (3.00 p.m. in The Snug), and a panel on Writing Historical Fantasy (1.00 p.m. Programme Room One) with Peter Sutton, John Courtenay Grimwood, Sarah Ash and Mike Shevdon

Guest Blog Appearances

22nd October 2014
Deborah Walker's Blog

21st October 2014
Everyone's a Critic
on Ben Jeapes' Blog
(on writers groups in general and Milford in particular)

20th October 2014
An interview on the Bristol Books Blog
courtesy of Pete Sutton.
Some wide-ranging questions that let me talk about my book and my writing process.

17th October 2014
The Parallels Between Singing and Writing
on Ruth Booth's Blog.
Ruth is also a singer and a writer, so this seemed like a good excuse to compare the two.

And don't forget to check out my blog

Novacon Appearance 14th - 16th November

This will be the first con after book publication day, so join me for a celebration in Nottingham. I'll be doing a launch, a session on How to get an Agent and at least one panel. Details to follow.


Latest Short Story Sale

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Panda has sold again as a reprint to Buzzy Mag for publication in 2015, and has also been reprinted in translation (Galician) in the Spanish magazine Nova Fantasia.