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"Bedford adeptly weaves together romance, action, and fantastical elements, all set against a richly realized series of far-flung locations. Conflict both nautical and emotional keeps things exciting." Publishers Weekly (Winterwood)


"Bedford builds a taut story around the dangers of a new world.... Readers who crave high adventure and tense plots will enjoy this voyage into the future." - Publishers Weekly ( Empire of Dust)


Who doesn't love a far-future novel of evil megacorps and their telepathic agents? Nobody, that's who. In this one, there's a fun twist: the "Psi-Tech" implants drive you insane unless you stay connected to the company that put them in you. Until one agent, Cara Carlinni, figures out how to go rogue without losing her mind." -io9


"WINTERWOOD, the first book in Jacey Bedford's new series Rowankind, combines all sorts of delicious elements into a delectable whole. Urban fantasy, historical fiction, magic, shapeshifters, a strong female lead and top it all off with pirates. I certainly couldn't resist the temptation, and the result was thoroughly satisfying." - Fresh Fiction


"Bedford’s punchy, readable style propels the reader easily through the complexities of the well-paced plot, and her world-building, whilst utilising some tropes, also displays interesting and original touches which bode well for future novels." - Jaine Fenn (Tales from the Garrett)


"The main premise is great, and the idea of a future in which there are no governments, only megacorporations running everything, is shockingly easy to believe. And also heartbreaking. The world--or should I say universe?--is well thought out and the characters are engaging." - Joshua Palmatier, author


"The skill of this book lies in Bedford’s ability to seamlessly combine intrigue-heavy, multi-viewpoint plotting with human stories featuring characters you care about – a rare feat in this genre." - Jaine Fenn (Tales from the Garrett)



Jacey Bedford writes fantasy and science fiction, she's been published on both sides of the Atlantic. Her first three books are out now: Empire of Dust, and Crossways - both Psi-Tech novels (science fiction/space opera) (published by DAW) and Winterwood - the first in the Rowankind Books - historical fantasy set in 1800 with a cross-dressing female privateer captain, a jealous ghost and a wolf shapechanger.

She's under contract for a further two books, Silverwolf, the second Rowankind book, due January 2017 and Nimbus, a third Psi-Tech novel, due October 2017.


Her writing blog, Tales from the Typeface is on Wordpress. You can follow her writing history from the offer of her debut three book deal with DAW as it happens, plus pick up writing advice and the writing-relevant minutiae of a writer's life.


Her personal; blog is on Live Journal. What does she blog about? Writing, books, movies, local history, family history, reminiscences, music, things that interest her on a local or global scale. What doesn't she blog about? She doesn't use her blog as therapy. Feel free to friend her at LJ.


She's on Twitter @jaceybedford also has a Facebook presence and she blogs what she reads on Goodreads (see panel below).


Jacey is co-organiser of the Milford SF Writers' Conference, an annual workshopping week for published SF writers and she's also the coordinator for the Northwrite SF writers' group.

A firm advocate of critique groups Jacey was a member of the (now defunct) Recog email crit group for eight years and thanks all her co-critiquers for their excellent input. Now, in addition to attending Milford annually, she takes part in Northwrite SF, a quarterly face-to-face critique group for speculative fiction writers within striking distance of the north of England. Jacey maintains the Northwrite website and you'll find her links for writers there.

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Advice for writers: apply the seat of your pants to a chair, your fingers to the keyboard and write. When you've finished, polish it. When it's as good as you can possibly make it, format it correctly and submit it. Then apply the seat of your pants to your chair again... etc. Rinse and repeat. There is no other way. If you don't write it and send it out there, you'll never get published.




News: 2016

19th October
I missed some Facebook messages and have only just found notification of a review of Crossways from November 2015 here at Kings River Life Magazine
"You wouldn’t normally think of a 500-pages-plus novel as crisp, but Bedford packs a high-interest punch into each paragraph. Characters, plot and technology, plus way-out-there stuff: Crossways has it all."
23rd September
I'll be at Fantasycon-by-the-Sea for the weekend starting today.
10th September
I'll be at Milford for the week beginning today.
30th August
Cover Reveal for Silverwolf on my blog
18th August
Interview by Laura Seber at The Writers Thread
2nd August
Nice review of Empire of Dust at girlsguideto scifi.blogspot.co.uk
12th July
If you think I've gone quiet it's because I'm writing like mad - working on Silverwolf, the follow up to Winterwood.

16th May
Nice Review of Winterwood here in The Nameless Zine.

12th April
Ten Commandments for a New Dawn my short story that first appeared in Nature Magazine last year, has been translated into Polish for Szortal magazine here.
10th April
A guest post on the new Milford bursaries for writers of colour is up here on D A Lascelles blog.
9th April
Carl Slaughter interviews me today at SF Signal.
8th April
Today I'm speaking to the Birmingham Science fiction Group. 8.00 Briar Rose Hotel - upstairs function room.
31st March
A 'good' review of Winterwood on The Good, The Bad and the Unread.
25th - 28th March
I'll be at Eastercon in Manchester (Mancunicon) with two panels on Friday evening - on on historical fantasy and one on romance and SF crossovers.
12th March
Lovely mention for Winterwood on Sara Letourneau's Blog
11th March
Good review of Winterwood at Fresh Fiction
6th March
Just had my story 'Weird is the New Normal' accepted for the upcoming Alien Artifacts anthology edited by Joshua Palmatier and Patricia Bray. Due in August 2016.

2nd March
Winterwood gets an honourable mention at The Incorrigible

1st March
Nice Winterwood review at The Book Adventures.
19th February
I was invited to write a piece on aletrnate history for SF Signal's Mind-Meld, but due to being accidentally missed off the 'meld' article I've ended up with a piece of my own. Thanks, Andrea.
19th February
Another interview - this time at The Qwillery.
19th February
My interview at My Bookish Ways goes live today

18th February
I now have a firm date for the publication of Silverwolf - second in the Rowankind sequence and a direct sequel to Winterwood - of 3rd January 2017.

16th February
Pleased that Winterwood is a Night Owl Review Top Pick:
"a fabulous plot and engaging storyline. Don’t miss this fantasy read. It’s quite unlike anything else on the market."
13th February
Nice Historical Novel Society review of Winterwood.
13th February
Thanks to Sherwood Smith for the nice mention for Crossways in her article on Book View Cafe entitled 'My Genre is Growing Up.'
10th February
Interview here at Civilian Reader
8th February
Interview and book giveaway(US) in Urban Fantasy Investigations.
3rd February
Nice to get a brief mention for Winterwood at Kirkus in their 'looking forward to... ' section
3rd February
Guest post on Juliet McKenna's blog on the transition from SF to historical fantasy


2nd February

Winterwood is published today! Yay!

2nd February
There's an advantage to being close to the front of the alphabet. Winterwood is the second book in Locus' new releases today.

1st February
Another nice Winterwood review on thre wonderfully titled 'No More Grumpy Bookseller' blog.

1st February
Lovely that Winterwood is on Fantasy Faction's radar here: http://fantasy-faction.com/2016/fantasy-titles-on-our-radar-february-2016-edition

27th January.
Absolutely delighted that Winterwood is included in Fiction Affliction at tor.com
22nd January
Nice review of Winterwood at The Bibliosanctum.
20th January
I'm on Mind Meld today talking about my favourite spaceship

News: July - December 2015
Earlier news archive is here...

24th December
A nice mention for Winterwood on the Barnes and Noble blog:
"Winterwood is a perfect blend of magic, historical fiction, and romance—it truly has something for every reader."
16th December
Winterwood is chosen as a TOP PICK in RT Magazine:
"seamlessly blends history, magical lore, high seas adventure and romance into one fantastic story"
14th December
Good review of Winterwood in Publisher's Weekly Whoo-hoo!
18th November
My story Mort's Laws or Ten Commandments for a New Dawn has been accepted for translation into Polish at Szortal magazine.
18th November
My story, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Panda is translated into Polish here at Szortal.
11th November
I'll be at Novacon in Nottingham this coming weekend. I hope to see some of you there. I'm on a panel about urban fantasy on Friday, doing a reading from my upcoming book Winterewood on Saturday.
10th November
My guest post on Jules Jones blog is up. Worry: The Gift thet Keeps on Giving. http://julesjones.dreamwidth.org/302376.html
29th October
The artist responsible for my new book cover is the amazing Larry Rostant
29th October
Winterwood cover reveal and giveaway on Fantasy Book Cafe.
20th October
I'll be at Fantasycon in Nottingham this coming weekend. I'm on the 'Stealing from the Past; panel (Fantasy in History) on Friday 23rd October with Susan Boulton, Anne Lyle, Juliet McKenna and Toby Venables, and I'll be reading from my upcoming fantasy 'Winterwood' on Saturday 24th at noon.
4th October
I delivered Winterwood to my editor today. It's due for publication in February 2016.
9th September
I received an acceptance for my story The Last Wild Place this morning. It will be published in the November 2015 isse of Bloodbond.
31st August
Crossways gets a good mention here.
28th August
Nice to get a mention in Locus' new books list.
27th August
My short story, The Oracle is Never Wrong, which first appeared in Alien Skin Magazine, is now live on the Beam Me Up Podcast. Log to www.beammeuppodcast.com and 451
25th August
I'm live on Tony Ballantyne's How Writers Write blog today.
Thanks for inviting me, Tony.

19th August
My short Story, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Panda, has appeared in the special summer issue of the Szortal netzine - translated into Polish! Within next few weeks (September) it will also appear at the Szortal.com page

18th August
I've been invited to be a guest author at Sledge-Lit, Edge Lit's Christmas event held at the Quad, Derby on 21st November 2016. So loooking forward to this.
17th August
I've been invited to be one of the anchor authors in a new anthology, Alien Artifacts, edited by Patricia Bray & Joshua Palmatier and published by Zombies Need Brains. It's the subject of a Kickstarter which is gathering momentum very nicely. Do swing by and check it out.
15th August
My short story, Pitch, has been accepted for the anthology 'Thou Shalt Not' - edited by Alex Davis and due to be launched at Sledge Lit in November. It's about coveting... and that never ends well... :-)
7th August
My short story 'The Urbane Fox' is running again in the August 2015 issue of Trysts of Fate - this time with my name spelled correctly. Thanks to Lee Ann Story for the repeat and correction.

CrosswaysEmpire of Dust4th August
CROSSWAYS is out from DAW in the USA. It's available (as paperback or ebook) from all the usual online suppliers, and in good bookstores throughout North America. In the UK it's likely to be only in specialist bookstores like Forbidden Planet, but you can buy it from Amazon.co.uk. Crossways is the sequel to Empire of Dust. You don't have to read them in order, but it would be great if you did!