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Crossways cover

What begins as a search for survivors turns into a battle for survival.

Empire of Dust cover

"Bedford builds a taut story around the dangers of a new world.... Readers who crave high adventure and tense plots will enjoy this voyage into the future." - Publishers' Weekly


Who doesn't love a far-future novel of evil megacorps and their telepathic agents? Nobody, that's who. In this one, there's a fun twist: the "Psi-Tech" implants drive you insane unless you stay connected to the company that put them in you. Until one agent, Cara Carlinni, figures out how to go rogue without losing her mind." -io9


"Bedford’s punchy, readable style propels the reader easily through the complexities of the well-paced plot, and her world-building, whilst utilising some tropes, also displays interesting and original touches which bode well for future novels." - Jaine Fenn (Tales from the Garrett)


"The main premise is great, and the idea of a future in which there are no governments, only megacorporations running everything, is shockingly easy to believe. And also heartbreaking. The world--or should I say universe?--is well thought out and the characters are engaging." - Joshua Palmatier, author


"The skill of this book lies in Bedford’s ability to seamlessly combine intrigue-heavy, multi-viewpoint plotting with human stories featuring characters you care about – a rare feat in this genre." - Jaine Fenn (Tales from the Garrett)



Jacey Bedford writes fantasy and science fiction, she's been published on both sides of the Atlantic . He first book, Empire of Dust - A Psi-tech Novel is out now (published by DAW) and the sequel Crossways is due in August 2015. Winterwood follows in February 2016 - a historical fantasy set in 1800 with a cross-dressing female privateer captain, a jealous ghost and a wolf shapechanger.

Her writing blog, Tales from the Typeface is on Wordpress. You can follow her writing history from the offer of her debut three book deal with DAW as it happens, plus pick up writing advice and the writing-relevant minutiae of a writer's life.

Her personal; blog is on Live Journal. What does she blog about? Writing, books, movies, local history, family history, reminiscences, music, things that interest her on a local or global scale. What doesn't she blog about? She doesn't use her blog as therapy. Feel free to friend her at LJ.

She's on Twitter @jaceybedford also has a Facebook presence and she blogs what she reads on Goodreads (see panel below).

Jacey is co-organiser of the Milford SF Writers' Conference, an annual workshopping week for published SF writers and she's also the coordinator for the Northwrite SF writers' group.

A firm advocate of critique groups Jacey was a member of the (now defunct) Recog email crit group for eight years and thanks all her co-critiquers for their excellent input. Now, in addition to attending Milford annually, she takes part in Northwrite SF, a quarterly face-to-face critique group for speculative fiction writers within striking distance of the north of England. Jacey maintains the Northwrite website and you'll find her links for writers there.

Click on the thumbnails below to get the full size Milford Flyer.

Milford Flyer A Milford Flyer B

Advice for writers: apply the seat of your pants to a chair, your fingers to the keyboard and write. When you've finished, polish it. When it's as good as you can possibly make it, format it correctly and submit it. Then apply the seat of your pants to your chair again... etc. Rinse and repeat. There is no other way. If you don't write it and send it out there, you'll never get published.



News 2015

25th June
I'm in the new Mind Meld on SF Signal, discussing books on my must-buy-on-sight author list. http://www.sfsignal.com/…/sf-signal-mind-meld-authors-must…/

15th May
New short story
Time and Tideless is now up at Theme of Absence, and there's an interview as well

18th April
My short story
A Taste of Oranges is now up at Perihelion

12th April
Locus Best Sellers for February 2015 - only just spotted this! Not quite sure if it means what I think it means.

1) A Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin (Bantam Spectra)    
2) Starhawk, Jack McDevitt (Ace)    
3) Empire of Dust, Jacey Bedford (DAW)    
4) Raising Steam, Terry Pratchett (Anchor)    
5) A Clash of Kings, George R. R. Martin (Bantam Spectra)    
6) A Dance with Dragons, George R. R. Martin (Bantam)    
7) Blood of Dragons, Robin Hobb (Harper Voyager)    
8) Kris Longknife: Tenacious, Mike Shepherd (Ace)    
9) Burn for Me, Ilona Andrews (Avon)    
10) A Storm of Swords, George R. R. Martin (Bantam Spectra)

8th April
Returned from Eastercon to another short story acceptance: Time and Tideless to Theme of Absence. That's 15 short stories sold this year if you're keeping count. :-)

2nd April
The story behind the story of Mort's Laws is in Future Conditionsl - the blog of Nature magazine's Futures section.

1st April
Mirror Mirror.
Long out of print, Mirror Mirror, which is more like Snow White Meets Six Wives of Henry VIII than a straight fairytale retelling is now up at alfiedog.com

31st March
Mort's Laws: Ten Commandments for a New Dawn
My new short story is live at Nature's Futures from 2nd April

30th March
Lessons Learned and Applied - The Parallels Between Singing and Writing.
I've contributed a blog post to Gill Polack's Women's History Month blog. This is a slightly rejigged and expanded version of the one that appeared on Ruth Booth's blog last year.
29th March
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Panda has been accepted for translation into Polish by Szortal.com

28th March
Final Eastercon Programme
I'll be at Eastercon next weekend (at Easter, so no surprise there). I suspect that mostly you'll find me hanging out in the bar, so please come and say hello.
There's an additional programme item - and my full schedule is here. You'll also find me hanging out in the bar. Please come and say hello.

Friday 9.15 - 10.15 pm
Game of Thrones - Uncharted Territory
with Sian Bradshaw, Ming and Smitty.

Sunday 16.15 to 17.30
Putting the Fantasy into History or Putting the History into Fantasy. With Kari Sperring (mod), C E Murphy and Christopher Priest

Monday 10.00 to 11.15 a.m.
Milford SFF Writers Meet
Informal Meet-Session
for writers who have been to Milford or who are thinking of coming any time in the future, or just for the mildly curious. With me and whoever I can round up at the time. Should be fun.

27th March
Panda pikk üksindus
My short story: The Loneliness of the Long Distance Panda has been translated into Estonian for the webzinre Algernon. How cool is that?

26th March
The Jewel of Locaria
has been accepted for the May issue of Sorcerous Signals and Mystic Signals.
24th March
The Oracle is Never Wrong will soon be available as a podcast at Beam Me Up
20th March
Short Story now available online.
Times Two is up and available to read for free at Saturday Night Reader

17th March
Short Story Sale
A Taste of Oranges has been accepted for publication by Perihelion

12th March
Review of Empire of Dust
by Joshua Palmatier. Posted here: http://jpsorrow.livejournal.com/457187.html
12th March
Short Story Sale
Mirror Mirror (Reprint) to Alfiedog.com (website)

24th February
Crossways cover revealed over at SF Signal

23rd February 2015
My story, Last Train, is up at Grievous Angel. Read for free at http://www.urbanfantasist.com/grievous-angel/new-flash-fiction-last-train

20th February 2015
My story, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Panda, is up at Buzzymag.com. Go take a look. http://buzzymag.com/the-loneliness-of-the-long-distance-panda-by-jacey-bedford/
10th February 2015
Crossways - my second Psi-Tech novel - due for publication on 4th August 2015 is now up for pre-order on amazon co.uk and amazon.com.

15th January 2015
Anthology Contribution
Delighted to be invited to contribute a short story to the upcoming Tickety Boo Press Anthology: Ten: Thou Shalt Not. Happy that they've accepted Pitch, my deal with the Devil story.

12th January 2015
Four Short Story Sales
This year, so far, four short story acceptances: Late Breakfast to Every Day Fiction, 2015; Times Two to Saturday Night Reader (Canada) 2015; Mort's Laws to Nature's Futures 2015, and The Urbane Fox (reprint) to Trysts of Fate.

4th January 2015
Goodreads Book Giveaway

Winners announced